The country ham has been a food tradition in Kentucky and throughout the southeast for hundreds of years.  The Kentucky 4-H Country Ham project continues the tradition of the country ham. Your 4-Her will cure two hams of their own, with the opportunity to sell one, both, or neither of the hams during our annual livestock sale. Participants learn patience, responsibility, perseverance, and more through this project.

The project begins in the cold winter months beginning in January and ends in August at the Kentucky State Fair, where the hams are judged by members of the Kentucky Country Ham Producers and the students present a 3 to 5 minute speech on the project in front of two judges.  Throughout the project the 4-Hers learn about food production and how the country ham fits into Kentucky’s food heritage.

For more information or to register, please contact Madalyn Wells at The cost to register is $60.00 per child. Each child will receive two hams.