K9 & Company Fayette County 4-H Dog Club

Thank you for your interest in K9 & Company Dog Club. We hope you will consider joining. It’s fun and educational for both you and your dog, whether it’s a puppy or a senior.

What do Dog Club Members Do?

  • Learn the basics of Obedience, Showmanship and Agility training
  • Learn how to take care of their dog
  • Learn how to groom their dog
  • Meet new friends with common interests
  • Compete with their dogs at the County and State Levels from May through August
  • Attend a weekend of Dog Camp Fun at Feltner 4-H Camp with dogs
  • Other fun activities with and without dogs!
  • Learn about volunteer and career opportunities in the Dog World

Club Activities

In addition, the 4-H Dog Club offers a variety of opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Such opportunities are dog shows, communication events, photography, and record books. We sometimes have booths and demonstrations at pet festivals and other dog related events.

Club Dues

In order to support the program and activities of the club, individual members are asked to pay $20.00 annually, or $25.00 per family annually, for club dues. However, those who are unable to pay annual dues will not be excluded from participating in the dog club.


K9 & Company is open to all youth age 8-19 who live or go to school in Fayette County. This information should be read carefully by members and parents. If you wish to participate in the club, please complete the enclosed forms. Return them to the Fayette County Extension Office at 1140 Red Mile Place, Lexington, KY 40504-1172.

Proof of Immunization

All members must have a 4-H Dog Health Form from their vet showing the dog’s last immunization from their vet before their dog can participate in activities. Proof of immunization will be due annually on the first meeting of May. All Dogs must be free on internal and external parasites including ticks and fleas. Leaders will check dogs periodically. Dogs with fleas or ticks must leave the premises immediately.

Where & When

Thursdays*, Class start times may vary from 6, 6:30 or 7pm depending on the time of year, classes offered and student numbers. Classes are generally 1 to 1 ½ hours in length, Ag Expo Center at Masterson Station Park. *please see schedule for exact dates*

Directions to the Ag Expo Center at Masterson Station Park: Come in the main entrance to the park off Leestown Road and follow the blacktop driveway until you come to your first side road to the left. Turn left and follow that side road all the way to the top of the hill. You will see a big gray building with a green roof inside the chain linked fence area. We meet inside the building. You may park inside the fenced area if the gates are open or you can park in the grassy area.

We encourage parents to come and observe our dog club classes, but you are not required to stay for the entire hour.

Please be ON TIME.


Dress appropriately. Be comfortable and reasonable for the work you’ll be doing. The building is heated,
but it’s still chilly.

You need a pocket on both sides that is easy to fill with treats and get into.

NO Flip Flops or Crocks.

Equipment Needed

DOGS need a 4 to 6 ft flat lead, preferably a non-slip leather, but canvas will work. NO FLEXI leads or chains.

Collars can be buckle, slip collar (rings on both ends) or pinch collars. Instructors can help you determine the collar best suited for your dog. Bring a high value, easy to consume treat for your dog. If your dog is not motivated by food, try to bring a favorite toy.

Treats that are high value and easy to work with are hot dogs and Purina Carvers treats for dogs. Hot dogs should be cut into very small pieces. A treat (which we will call cookies throughout training) should be no larger than your thumbnail.

Dog Club is a wonderful place for you and your dog. Your entire family will be rewarded with a well behaved, trained member and will appreciate your successes as much as you will enjoy them. There is no bond greater than that between handler and dog. We want you to enjoy working with your dog. It should be fun and viewed as a game that you play with him.

For more information

E-mail: fayettedogclub@gmail.com