We are offering five modules on various gardening topics. Each module contains four or five short videos. Each video is about five minutes long. At the end of each video there will be one question to answer. Each module will take 30-45 minutes to complete and give you one (1) CEU.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

• Click on the first module to open it.

• Enter you first and last name.

• Click on the first video in that module to begin.

• Watch the video and then answer the one question at the end of the video.

• After you answer the question, click on the SUBMIT button. You then can proceed to the next video. NOTE: the submit button is timed and will NOT appear until after sufficient time has lapsed to view the entire video.

• Follow the same procedure with each video.

All the questions are YES or NO questions. You MUST answer the question and submit it BEFORE you can proceed to the next video. When you finish each module it will be recorded and sent to Christine Parsons, who is keeping records of all CEUs for each EMG.

You do not have watch all the modules at one time. You can access each module at separate times by clicking on the link provided.

Weed Management Module

Fruit Disease Management Module

Cultural Practices for Disease Management

Vegetable Disease Management  Module

Insect Management Module