Get Fit Fayette County 2018

 Couch Potato Challenge

Kick-Off Event

Saturday, April 14th, 10 am

Fayette County Extension Office

1140 Harry Sykes Way

Start the Couch Potato Challenge and take your first walk with us!

Registration on-line:

Readiness Questionnaire

Come get a pedometer, water bottle and more.
Learn about the walking trails at our local parks
and how you can win a Fit Bit and more by walking
the park trails!
For more information call 859-257-5582 or

Log Sheet

This 12 week program will help you get more physically fit and by the end time, you will be walking 150 minutes a week (5 days for 30 minutes each week).  Registration is free.  Each week you will receive support materials and newsletters to help you stay focused.  Come join in the fun of weekly guided walks around the parks in Lexington.  You never know who you shall meet during these walks, maybe even some Lexington Celebrities!